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I obtained permission to share this wonderful poem, "Sometimes," from the poet, who prefers to remain anonymous, because it speaks so well to what feels so needed in my own heart and mind. With all that’s going on in the world, we can use a little hope to spur us on to try for better. At least to try. And if enough people do, and providence is with us, who knows? SOMETIMES things do work out along the way. We need that kind of reminder, especially now when faced with such overwhelming problems, so we don't just curl up with pillows over our heads, blame others and take up life as victims, or continue to live inside our bubbles. We need those kinds of reminders to keep us from becoming complacent and continue to drink the Kool-Aid that causes us to believe something or someone magical is going to come along to save us so we can avoid making our own contributions or efforts.

"May it happen for you."

May it happen for us!

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