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Art in Uncertain Times

Art in its many forms can stimulate, encourage, inspire, and demonstrate human truths. In these uncertain times, the work of writers and visual artists (performance artists too!) is critically important and deserves to be shared as widely as possible. One artist of merit is Boulder, Colorado based Judy Lurie Wahlberg. Judy was recently interviewed at the arts & humanities site TheAppWhisperer for Mobile Photography and Art as part of their "Hope in Adversity" series. Stunning images and an engrossing interview worth sharing! Read it and pass it on.

Question: How has your relationship and interaction with the arts changed in this time of COVID19? Are you virtually visiting museums online, perhaps reading more poetry or books? Watching plays or concerts on your laptop? Join the conversation and comment below!

The Reading ©Judy Laurie Wahlberg. Used by permission from the artist.

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