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First Thaw

My poem, “First Thaw,” is included in Voices Israel 2019: Poetry from Israel and Abroad, the latest annual anthology published by Voices Israel Group of Poets in English. The Jerusalem Post calls this 45th anthology "enthralling," and I am so pleased to have my work included alongside the work of Israeli poets and other poets abroad writing in English.

"First Thaw"

Having just come through winter myself

I notice

sooty sentinels of snow

darkening the curbs,

crab-apples pickled in sidewalk slush,


of trash and twigs


in landlocked pools.

Streets are lined and pitted,

ancient faces

ruined before their time.

Sun whitens an albino sky;

its light reflects my ravage.

Only wind chime sounds of ice


drop by drop by drop

from rooftops

and waterfalls singing into sewers

tell of something else to come.

Having just come through winter myself,

I listen.

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