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Writing Mentorship

A guided journey path for writers

As a writer, I know the importance of setting goals and getting feedback in order to become clear about the story I'm trying to tell. Whether the writer is working on an essay, poem, or piece of fiction, my role as mentor and coach is to focus on trying to hear the real story that is wanting to be told. With respect for the creative process and the sensitivities of the writer, I help the writer to clarify that story and serve as listener and first audience. We explore and find the major themes, ensuring characters and images are archetypally aligned and in harmony with the natural world, and sensory-specific to give them life. I have studied with, and have long made use myself, of Natalie Goldberg's writing practice techniques as outlined in her book, Writing Down the Bones. The guided journey path I’ve developed for writers gets to the energy and aliveness of first thoughts and sensory-specific images, and then makes use of that authenticity and energy in crafting and fashioning finished writing. In addition to my work with individuals, I also conduct small group journey and writing practice workshops.

Image by John Mccann
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