Living Longer, Living Wiser, Living Deeply

Tuesdays (4 Sessions) 1:00 to 2:30 PM - Begins: 10/24/17 Ends: 11/14/17

Friendship Center for Aging Studies, Sarasota, FL


Course Description: An 8-week Wisdom Circle on conscious aging.

Course location: Longboat Key, FL (street address provided during registration)

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with instructor Linda Albert. By phone: 941-556-3263 or email: Cost: $69

This event has already taken place. Contact Linda Albert for information on future summer or fall 2018 sessions.

Continuing the Dialogue An 8-Week Wisdom Circle on Conscious Aging: Living Creatively, Wisely, Deeply and Well.

Tuesdays Begins: 01/16/18 Ends: 03/06/18

 Longboat Key, FL


Course Description: Living longer than previous generations allows us to continue to build a creatively expanded understanding of aging and old age. Do our conscious attitudes, beliefs, values and behavioral patterns enhance or inhibit the opportunity to accept change, create anew and live the largest life possible? We will explore and examine our potential for living wiser and deeper by drawing from disciplines as diverse as Jungian psychology, Neuro-Linguistics, the New Science of Happiness and teachings from sages of the past.

Course location: Friendship Centers, 1900 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota, FL 34236 (Building: Rubin Center for Healthy Aging – Dwyer Room)

This session is now filled. Contact Linda Albert for information on future sessions.

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