Pattern Analysis and Life Coaching

If you:

  • are called to accomplishments but find yourself blocked from moving forward 
  • are going through transitions that are causing you stress and indecision  
  • are ready for changes in your life but don't know where you're going  
  • are being called to adjust to changes in life you didn't choose 
  • find yourself repeating the same old limiting patterns of behavior
  • would like to communicate more effectively with yourself and others
  • are mystified by what your dreams might be trying to tell you, and
  • would like a fuller and richer life

...then Pattern Analysis and Life Coaching could be helpful to you.

My methods are varied and geared to the learning and communication styles of my clients. I employ a wide variety of traditional and non-threatening, playful and imaginative techniques in order to help you accomplish your goals. They include the principles of Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Dream Translation, Neuro-Linguistics, Creative Imagination, Treasure Mapping, Intuition, Story Telling, Jungian and Developmental Psychology, and the choices of resilient and happy people. I'm happy to work with clients on a short-term basis, when appropriate, depending upon the needs of the individual or group.  
Feel free to contact me with questions or to explore the possibility of our working together. I look forward to hearing from you.

My aim is to provide a safe, respectful, private, accepting environment in which an individual or small group can work to identify limiting beliefs and patterns, become aware of unproductive self-talk and images, make peace with the reality of past hurts and current changes, and master practical and creative strategies that can lead to greater personal uniqueness, desired accomplishments and more satisfaction in life.

My own life demonstrates how much there is to be said for the use of creativity in the areas of personal growth and healing. I've sometimes called myself a "wimpy adventurer," but through my own challenges, trial and error, inner work and studies, I've learned it's not necessary to be perfect in order to call oneself an artist, achieve one's dreams and become comfortable in one's own skin. My commitment is to "walk my talk."  My passion is to share what I've learned with others.

Dream Translation

The images and stories in our dreams can be messages from our deeper selves confirming that the paths we're on in our waking lives are solid, taking us in positive directions and leading us to the places we really hope to go. These images can also alert us to a calling or talents we have ignored and still beg to be lived out.

On other occasions, they can serve to uncover unconscious, out of date or false 
road maps that can, when translated and articulated, provide reality checks and action plans toward improving our lives. Working with an objective, trained Dream Translator can greatly facilitate this process. 

One of my client's told me, "I woke up one morning after I began studying Dream Translation, and realized I'd finally discovered the keys to sanity!"

​​How I Work


My schedule is full and I regret that I am unable to accept new clients at this time. Please check this space for future updates.

Linda Albert